Work in Progress - still in Draft - untested

I will redo my Voron V2 350mm and have these works planned
  • new MCU
  • use CAN Bus 
  • Sensorless Homing
  • new LED
  • Review Status for Nevermore Filter
  • Filament Sensor in Toolhead
  • redo cabling do to can bus
  • Rail maintainance

general information

used hardware

  • Makerbase MKS SKIPR Board (Suite 4) inkl. MKS EMCC-8G ( Aliexpress *)
  • Makerbase MKS IPS50 Screen ( Aliexpress *)
  • Makerbase TMC 2209 Driver  ( Aliexpress *)
  • Makerbase THR42 CanBus Board ( Aliexpress *)
  • IGUS chainflex CF5.05.04 Kabel ( Igus )
  • 6mm stainless steel ball bearing Omron D2FL microswitch
  • LED 24 V ( Aliexpress *) 

Existing Toolhead : Voron Tap Stealtburner with Orbiter 2.0 and Rapido HF

more details and sources


3D - Models used:

Makerbase SKIPR

Below is my way if working with SKIPR , THR42 plus IPS50 - without warranty and guarantee - do on your own risk 


  • connection overview (MKS)
  • PIN Layout (MKS)
  • My Cabeling and jumbers
click for full screen

Host Image

The Image on the EMMC does not work with HDMI.
The EMMC Modul I was not able mount on Mac / Windows. To do this an USB3 Card reader is needed.

Alternative way to flash the EMMC with the current image:
I downloaded the HDMI Image and installed on an SD Card (minimum 16 GB) via Etcher and booted the SKIPR from the SD Card.
The wget looks a bit complex but it is needed to get the file from google drive of Makerbase
Default Login : mks / makerbase

you need to replace mmcblk0 with the device name of the EMMC Module

wget --load-cookies /tmp/cookies.txt "$(wget --quiet --save-cookies /tmp/cookies.txt --keep-session-cookies --no-check-certificate '' -O- | sed -rn 's/.*confirm=([0-9A-Za-z_]+).*/\1\n/p')&id=17UD8ueOmiPjuQYm9PQGyeBMVGxT4GyNJ" -O && rm -rf /tmp/cookies.txt

unzip Armbian-makerbase-k5.16.20-EN-20230321,
sudo dd if=Armbian-makerbase-k5.16.20-EN-20230321.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=4M
sudo sync
sudo shutdown -h now

remove the SD card & press Host-RST Button
The SKIR boots now the new image for EMMC

Basic Setup

sudo nano /etc/sudoers

add the line to the end - this will remove the need to enter the password for sudo. Do on your on risk / security review


sudo armbian-config
change the time zone to  Europa/Berlin - as I'm located in germany
since I had issues with the preinstalled python3 I removed it and resinstalled it. The issue was that scripts like /home/mks/klipper/scripts/ did not start and showed an issue with "no module named...".
I did not installed all as kiauh will install missing parts automaticly.
sudo apt remove 'python3.*'
sudo apt purge 'python3.*'
sudo apt-get autoremove
sudo apt install python3 python3-numpy python3-matplotlib libatlas-base-dev

Update is not recommended by MKS - for me it worked (24-02-2023)

sudo update
sudo upgrade
sudo reboot


cd ~
./kiauh/ Kaiuh

First Kiauh will do a self update.
Steps after the update:
  1. Deinstallation of all modules / programms
  2. remove left overs:
    sudo rm -Rf kiauh* KlipperScreen/ .kiauh.ini printer_data/ crowsnest
  3. Install kiauh :
    cd ~
    git clone
  4. Install via kiauh:
  5. Numby Modul
    ~/klippy-env/bin/pip install -v numpy

    ~/klippy-env/bin/pip install -v extras

Setup of other Services and Configuration

save the MakerBase configuration and installation of my klipper configuration via github
cd ~/printer_data/config
rm -Rf * 
git clone   --branch makerbase .

Installation of Crownest

cd ~ 
git clone 
cd ~/crowsnest 
sudo make install

Installation of Moonraker Timelapse

cd ~
git clone 
cd ~/moonraker-timelapse
make install

setup of my configuration for klipper (needs to be redone if you reinstall klipper)

cd ~/klipper/klippy/extras
ln -s ~/printer_data/config/scripts/
ln -s ~/printer_data/config/scripts/
ln -s ~/printer_data/config/scripts/
ln -s ~/printer_data/config/scripts/

MCU (SKIPR & THR42) Setup

to be able to use the can bus on the onboard mcu you need to connect the host and MCU via USB cable (USB-A to C) and the CAN Bus between SKIPR and THR42. I used only the SKIPR to transfer the images - no PC or MAC (beside the SSH Client) needed.

Steps needed:
  • create and install linux image + can interface
  • create image for the SKIPR MUC
  • install image on SKIPR MCU
  • create image for THR42 (works for 36 as well)
  • install image on the THR42

Linux MCU Image

the menuconfig setup is shown on the left

cd ~/klipper 
make menuconfig 
make flash
sudo cp ./scripts/klipper-mcu.service /etc/systemd/system/
sudo systemctl enable klipper-mcu.service


the menuconfig setup is shown on the left
a small SD card is need which needs to be inserted in the Host first

cd ~/klipper
make menuconfig 
sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt
cp out/klipper.bin /mnt/mks_skipr.bin
sudo umount /mnt

remove the SD Card and plug it into the mcu sdcard slot.
Reboot the MCU

THR42 / 36 MCU Image

the menuconfig setup is shown on the left.
The THR must connected via USB cable to the SKIPR.
then press the boot + reset buttons on the THR.
With "sudo fdisk -l" you can check if the THR disk is shown to the SKIPR.
Before you umount you can check with "ls -al /mnt" if the update ist done. The klipper.uf2 is them removed by the THR

cd ~/klipper
make menuconfig 
make sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt
cp out/klipper.uf2 /mnt/klipper.uf2
sudo umount /mnt